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About US

Lumen Digital

We are a small but highly experienced team, nestled in the countryside just outside of London. Our small team means we can move quickly and keep innovating in a fast moving world.

We have a passion for crafting highly technical solutions, but pride ourselves on the ability to make even the most cutting-edge really accessible and magical.

"We love the impossible, the things no one else can do."

Over the last 10 years, we have focused on creating mobile apps for a range of high profile, world-class brands - and we also create our own apps in-house. Our apps tend to be quirky, fun, and sometimes even silly, but that's just us!

Our skillset borders on the super-geek, and we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the whole technical landscape - be it AR & VR, or Bluetooth & WiFi, Backend systems, scale, databases, iOS/Android - we've got it nailed.

Along with all things App and Mobile, we are also great at creating bespoke web solutions.  We love Javascript, WebXR, WebGL just as much as iOS and Android native development.

And to make us really unique, we also love working on electronics from Raspberry Pi to Arduino, we've been known to help people create prototype and proof-of-concept products from simple robotics to more complex AR based interactive toys and counterpart Apps.

Get in touch for a chat, we love to talk and meet new people.

Ben @ Lumen.

We also make Apps for Other People
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