The Lumen Device Lab

We created the Lumen Device Lab to help people test their digital products on the widest possible range of devices. It can be hard to make an app or digital product and to know how it looks and feels on a real device.

And our Device Lab doesn’t just cover Mobile devices – we also have smart speakers and some VR gear too.

Anyone is welcome to come and use the Device Lab but please get in touch first to make sure we’re not booked up. Shoot us an email to

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iOS Devices

Our iOS library is pretty well stocked and covers most devices from Apple.  We also have a range of different iOS flavours so you can be sure your testing covers a big range of Apple gear.

Our current Apple stock consists of:

iPhone X
iPhone 6S
iPhone SE
iPhone 5
iPad 1
iPad 2
iPad Mini
iPhone 4S

Android Devices

Testing on Android is a dark art, and the simulator is not too great.   Our Device Lab is a god send for testing Android, and we have a good range of devices that covers a big cross section of real world user owned devices.

We currently have these Android devices in:

Google Pixel
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung J7
LG Nexus 5
LG Nexus 5X
GoTab Tablet
Mikto Tablet
Hudl 2

Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers are the latest devices to hit our Device Lab, and they are super fun to test with (and sure to annoy everyone around you).  Testing on Smart Speakers is essential and we can supply you with access too:

Amazon Echo
Google Home

Virtual Reality

Testing on VR can be expensive and time consuming, so our Device Lab can help you access some of the latest technology so you can make sure your products are working across a range of consumer gear.

We currently stock:

Oculus Rift (dev kit 1)
Google Cardboard
Gear VR
Google Daydream

How Does It Work?

The Lab is currently free to use. If you want to use the Lab, please don’t just turn up – you will need to book a space so just email us:

You are also welcome to use the Lab just to check out the devices and see how they are. The HomePod is especially nice 🙂

We have spare desks too, so feel free to bring your computer and spend the day. We can supply coffee, tea, water, and might even share our biscuits.

Can I Borrow a Device?

Maybe. We do sometimes loan out equipment so get in touch and just ask. If it’s an item that’s in particular high demand then maybe not; and you might also have to pop a deposit down on some of the equipment.

Where Is The Lab?

Just outside of Reading, in Berkshire. We are located in the leafy countryside of Finchampstead.