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a Fast and Fun Family Party Game

Who has the fastest finger in your family?  Who can guess the doodle the quickest?

Shout About takes the classic drawing and guessing game and gives it a twist of A.I. and Machine Learning to create something really new and unique.

In this game - it's your Device that does the drawing.  With over 100 categories, and an infinite amount of doodles, you'll be guessing till the cows come home!

Once you think you know the answer - smash your buzzer and simply shout the answer. We use voice recognition so no typing needed, and that means any age can play along.

And with huge multiplayer support you can play alone, with 2 on one device, or with over 100 players if you know enough friends!

• 100s of A.I. Machine Learning Doodles
• Voice powered answering, no typing needed
• Unlimited Multiplayer, from 1 to over 100 players
• Suitable for any age
• Customize your own Buzzer with Colors and Sound
• From Apple Best of 2019 Indie Developer - Lumen

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